Parishioners' Luncheon

Holy Family's Parishioners' Luncheons are a long-standing tradition within the Parish community. Hosted four times annually by a generous group of volunteers they provide a welcome opportunity to connect and enjoy a meal with your fellow parishioners. Each event is held in the Holy Family Small Hall and includes Mass, lunch and a chance to listen to an interesting guest speaker. Over the years many interesting speakers have attended and many friendships have been nurtured at these lunches. They are also a wonderful opportunity for new members of the Parish or those who, perhaps, are looking to meet new people, can attend.

One Parishioner recently commented that:

"I love the lunches as they are a wonderful opportunity to catch up with everyone, and to touch base and hear how people have been going. The hospitality is always wonderful, and you never leave without having had plenty to eat, and hearing from a wonderful speaker."

Please Join us at our next Parishioners' Lunch as we celebrate May the month of Our Lady and remember in a special way all the mothers of the Parish.

Next Lunch: Friday 24th May 11:30am