One Minute Catechetics for Kids - One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic

By Mariana Kelly

In the Nicene Creed, which we say each Sunday at Mass, we profess the defining attributes of our Catholic faith – the one true faith. We say that “we believe in one, holy, Catholic and apostolic church.” All four of these marks together, by which our faith is known, are found in the Catholic Church alone.

So, what do these four important characteristics of our faith mean?

One – By this we mean that all the members of the Catholic Church believe and agree in the one faith and are under the guidance and leadership of one Head.

Holy – Firstly, we were founded by Jesus Christ – who is all holy. Secondly, not only are we called to be like Him, we are also called to listen and follow the holy doctrines of the Church and therefore, are called to live holy lives. Lastly, we are called holy because of “the eminent holiness of so many thousands” (Baltimore Catechism 130) of its members.

Catholic (or Universal) – Meaning, it exists in “all ages, teaches all nations, and maintains all truth.” (BC 131)

Apostolic – We say this because Christ founded the Church on His chosen Apostles, who taught, along with every one of their successors that has followed and will follow, to teach its doctrine.

This Sunday, have a think about these four words when you profess your faith at Mass.