Alpha, don't miss it!

"It doesn't matter if you consider yourself a listener or sharer, you can't help but be extended and challenged."

Parishioner Lea Allen reflects on her own experience participating in Alpha early on in her married life. "We had been raised Catholic, attended Catholic schools, married in a Catholic church and attended a range of groups over many years... but Alpha was different! There is something really invigorating about revisiting the fundamentals of your faith (or introducing these to others) when you are with a broad range of people in a relaxed setting."

For Lea, "Even if ages, backgrounds, faith experiences are varied, this only enriches the group dynamic!" Lea found that the presentations and discussions relating to prayer and our everyday experiences of God were what resonated most with her and her husband, Paul, and that these things "are still really significant considerations within our marriage and family today."

Alpha starts at Holy Family on 8th May 2019.
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