New beginnings in Lockdown

By Fr Patrick Bradford

I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you. I am Fr Patrick Bradford. I have been appointed by Archbishop Peter as Assistant Priest here at Holy Family Parish. I grew up with my five siblings on a farm near New Plymouth, New Zealand. After studying accounting I moved to Melbourne where I worked in finance at NAB for some time. I entered Corpus Christi Seminary in 2009, where I was introduced to Fr Pearce! Since my Priestly Ordination in 2015. I have served in the Bayside and Western regions of Melbourne and most recently at St Peter’s in Clayton. I will continue to care for patients as a chaplain at Monash Hospital while also supporting Fr Pearce at Holy Family with the many responsibilities and initiatives happening here. From what I have seen so far, Holy Family is an exciting and dynamic parish with some great people and a wide range of ministries catering to different ages and backgrounds. I am deeply grateful for this opportunity to serve in your community. I look forward to praying with you especially at the Altar of God, to ministering to the Sacraments and in time getting to know as many of you as I can. In the meantime, let us pray for each other, and for a speedy end to this COVID pandemic.

God Bless,

Fr Bradford.