From Maintenance to Mission

The Church must step outside herself. Jesus tells us: “Go into all the world! Go! Preach! Bear witness to the Gospel!” Pope Francis

Pope Francis is continually reminding us that Parishes must be looking for new ways to proclaim the Gospel in their local environment. At the end of last year, we engaged in a time of prayerful discernment and discussion, about what this call to be missionaries in Mount Waverley looks like. Utilising the work of Fr James Mallon “Divine Renovation,” we discussed the various challenges that we face and also the wonderful opportunities that lay before us. Bernard Mulholland, Chairman of the Parish Pastoral Advisory Board (PPAB), reflects:

The initial challenges faced by Fr Mallon and his Halifax community are immediately identifiable at Mount Waverley. Some of the solutions offered are directly transferable to Holy Family while others require local answers. It is patently clear however, that we must implement these solutions to create the pathway for the people of Mount Waverley to engage with God and to enter into a lifelong personal relationship with Jesus Christ

One fruit of this process has been the establishment of our Parish Leadership Team, who will work closely with the Parish Pastoral Advisory Board.

  • Father Nicholas Pearce, Parish Priest
  • Kari Quist, Evangelisation and Catechesis
  • Mariana Hladik, Parish Administration
  • Joe Melhem, Youth Ministry
  • Genevieve Bryant, Youth Engagement
  • Lauren Considine, REL - Holy Family School
  • Leighton Hughes, Design and Communications

The first priority of the Parish Leadership team will be to implement the five parish goals for 2019 that were developed at the end of the process. These goals will drive our pastoral activity, and be the guiding principles for our community over the next 12 months:

At the Catholic Parish of the Holy Family, we are a parish that:

  1. Reaches out to and invites the people of Mount Waverley into an encounter with Jesus Christ.
  2. Through the Sacraments, Formation and opportunities for service provides an opportunity for its members to form a deep and lasting relationship with Jesus Christ and to live this out in their daily lives.
  3. Utilises the gifts and talents of its members for the building up of the community and the spread of the Gospel
  4. Welcomes everyone, no matter where you may be on your faith journey, and is committed to walking with you as you deepen your relationship with Jesus Christ
  5. Encourages and fosters networks of smaller communities that promote fellowship, and strengthen our relationship with each other and with Jesus Christ.

We will have more of an opportunity to look more deeply at these goals in the weeks ahead, as they will form the basis of our reflections together during the season of Lent. fruit

It is indeed an exciting time to be a part of Holy Family Parish!