Blessed Is She

It can be hard to find time to renew your faith and inspire your spirit. As a busy woman, you’re probably used to being pulled in 3,000 directions. But the good news? Blessed Is She is a community of women from around the world who, beginning with the Word of God, strive to grow as sisters who believe in beauty pointing toward the Divine, and who strive to live a Eucharistic life.

Blessed is She came to Holy Family in 2018 and provides a regular opportunity for the women of the Parish to explore their faith, reflect on scripture, pray together and build a community of spiritual sisterhood. We meet in a relaxed environment, purposefully taking time out from the busyness of our lives to share and reflect. Please join us as we enjoy a cuppa and a treat while we continue to journey with the Blessed Is She studies. Discussion will be held fortnightly. All women of the Parish welcome to participate.

RSVP your interest to the Parish Office: 9807 9494