6 Ways to Honour the Lord’s Day

By Kari Bergmann

Whether you are able to attend Mass in person or need to find ways to worship at home it is important that each of us finds ways to worship, pray, and reflect on Sundays. As Christians we should prioritise our relationship with Christ at all times but we have a special obligation to honour the Lord’s day. Even though we currently have a dispensation from our obligation to attend Sunday Mass, this doesn’t mean that we should disregard this most important day of the week. Here are some suggestions for keeping Sunday sacred:

  1. Attend Mass if you are able - If you sign up early you may be able to attend the 8am Mass at Holy Family. If it’s already full you may wish to attend Mass on another day during the week. Mass is available each day of the week and on any day of the week we can still encounter our God in this celebration of the Eucharist and most beautiful act of worship. Those who intend to visit Holy Family must be mindful of the Covid-19 regulations posted on the website and not attend if they feel unwell.
  2. Attend Adoration - Consider coming to Adoration. You do not need to attend for the whole hour if you are unable, but set aside some quiet time to sit with our Lord and offer him thanks and praise. In Eucharistic Adoration, Christ himself, “awaits us in this sacrament of love. Let us not refuse the time to go to meet him in adoration, in contemplation full of faith” (CCC 1380).
  3. Focus on the Mass Readings - If you are not able to attend Mass or Adoration prioritise the Mass readings for that Sunday. You can listen to Fr Pearce say the Liturgy of the Word with a Gospel reflection available on our website. Alternatively, you can find the readings at http://universalis.com/mass.htm or on the App Laudate. Read them aloud and spend some time discussing the readings, seeing how God spoke to you.
  4. Don’t Just be Passive Watchers - Watching a broadcasted Mass on TV or online can be a good option but we need to ensure that we are not just passively watching the Mass as we would a television show. Some ways to do this are by sitting, standing, and kneeling as you normally would, following along with the readings at home, joining in the hymns and Responsorial Psalm, and praying an act of spiritual communion during the celebration of the Eucharist. Make sure that you are prayerful and attentive during this time. Since you are unable to receive the Eucharist, make this hour a gift of earnest prayer and thanksgiving to God.
  5. Engage your Children - Parents are not just responsible for maintaining their own faith but have the added challenge of fostering faith in their children. The loss of regular schedules and practices are particularly challenging for children and they will have more difficulty focusing on resources like livestream Masses with other distractions at home. With this in mind, Holy Family has been providing age appropriate resources to families that are engaging for children and will help them learn about the Gospel message each Sunday.
  6. Regular Prayer Practices - Now is a good time to establish regular practices of prayer individually or with your family. You might consider beginning morning/night prayer or beginning a family Rosary or Divine Mercy Chaplet, if not daily at least on Sundays. Try to establish a regular routine, this is especially important now that we have lost our old routines and the new habits we form will help us stay motivated.